For change to take root, we must first invest in EDUCATION

Having the right mindset about money at an early age is key to enjoying life-long financial wellness.   That’s why we develop learning resources that help public school teachers integrate financial education into the K-12 curriculum.  

It’s never too late to get on the right track to financial health. Our financial literacy program teaches farmers and overseas Filipinos how to make better decisions on spending, saving, and investing their hard-earned money. 

Core Program
Equipping Financially Responsible and Empowered Youth and Communities
Our 2018 Education Programs in Review

BPI Foundation enhanced its financial education programs in schools, namely Manny and Me and BPI Senior High School Acceleration Program (BPI SHAPE), by employing a wholesale approach. Public schools who participated in BPI SHAPE were provided with teacher training and modules tailored fit for its grade school student counterparts through the Manny and Me Program.  Since 2016, both programs provide modules that help teachers effectively teach financial education, basic entrepreneurship and personality development. Both Manny and Me and BPI SHAPE are now Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited programs, making the renewal of license for beneficiary teachers easier.  

Also in 2018, the programs have started to digitize its modules to better aid its partner teachers and students. The modules are readily available through DepEd’s l­earning portal. Through these changes and an enhanced engagement with DepEd, the programs were able to increase its reach to other provinces across the country.  From a total of 843 teachers and 37,828 students in 5 divisions in 2017, the two programs have reached a total of 1,416 teachers and 141,600[1] students in over 12 divisions in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao in 2018. Specifically, the two programs were able to reach 23 teachers in Makati and Pasay, 159 teachers in Taguig, 160 teachers in Ilocos Norte, 193 teachers in Cavite, 87 teachers in Laguna, 151 teachers in Quezon, 244 teachers in two divisions of Capiz, 183 teachers in Cebu, and 216 teachers in two divisions in Misamis Oriental.

[1] Data on number of students is based on DepEd estimate ratio of 100 students for every teacher.

Furthermore, FinEd-in-a-Box  is a customized financial literacy module rolled out to partners who work with the unbanked sectors, such as teachers, police and military personnel, and low-income earners. The program was initiated in 2016 with the objective of strengthening the capacity of these sectors to utilize financial tools in improving their productivity and the long-term quality of their lives. In 2018, the program was strengthened by actively seeking out partnerships with DepEd, BSP, Philippine National Police (PNP), Philippine Army, and other private organizations such as Ayala Corporation, Ayala Foundation, Kidzania, Citihub and Philam Foundation.  This resulted in an increase in beneficiary reach, specifically, by 1,670.64% from 862 participants in 2017, to 15,263 participants  acros­s varied communities in 2018.

Moreover, BPI Foundation has employed an integrated approach in BPI Sulong . The program selects unbanked OFs in Hong Kong with families located in Iloilo and the Calabarzon area, the country’s “OF Hubs”.   In 2018, through partnerships with ATIKHA and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), the program was enhanced with integrated mirrored trainings between partner migrant workers in Hong Kong and their families in the Philippines.  

The training program was deepened into a 6-level intervention, which starts with a pre-migration orientation wherein OFs and their families are made aware of migration realities and the importance of reintegration. The following levels expand to family and income management, reintegration planning and counselling, investment caravan, skills training and entrepreneurship development.  

Since the program’s inception in 2016, it has reached over 2,667 OFs to date. A total of 1,100 OFs in Hong Kong and 320 of their family members in the Philippines were engaged in 2018.   

BPI-DOST Science Awards 2018 names students with top sustainability research projects
The Top 25 awardees of the BPI DOST Science Awards 2018 with BPI Foundation Executive Director Maricris San Diego, DOST SEI Deputy Director Engineer Albert Mariño, DOST SEI Chief Science Research Specialist Dr. Ruby Cristobal and the panel of judges: Mr. Bonar Laureto, Dr. Eric Punzalan, Dr. Rogel Mari Sese, Prof. Matthew Escobido and Mr. Jonathan Jon Paz

Ten college students with pioneering sustainability research projects were awarded at the 29th BPI-DOST Science Awards, the joint initiative of BPI Foundation and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).    

The 10 awardees were Ma. Cathrene Lagare, Ateneo de Davao University; Aliena Mari Miranda, Ateneo de Manila University; Gabriela Ilona Janairo and Janne Pauline Ngo, De La Salle University; Nicole Rose Alberto and Peter Nicholas Onglao, University of the Philippines – Diliman; Arianne Justine Obeles and Josh Christian Protacio; University of the Philippines – Manila; John Cristopher Danez, University of the Philippines – Los Baños; and Mary Diane Pilapil, University of San Carlos.  

Winners of the Best in Innovations Awardees were Nicole Rose Alberto and Peter Nicholas Onglao.  Alberto took home the category for Project of the Year with her study, “Identification of Molecular Biomarkers for the Detection and Management of Fatal Shrimp Pathogen”, which analyzed the molecular cause behind acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease outbreaks in shrimps, a disease that significantly decreased local production of shrimp since 2011.

The awards emphasized the theme “forming a sustainable country through science and innovation”. Participating students devised research and technology that would help prepare the Philippines become future-proof or resilient to calamities, social vulnerability, and economic crises.  

First day of the event featured a whole-day workshop entitled “Process of Innovation” led by Professor Matthew Escobido of the Master of Science in Innovation and Business program at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). The activity guided the young scientists on innovation and design thinking to help them turn their technological ideas into marketable products and services.  

Presentation and awarding of the BPI-DOST Science Awardees were held during the second day. The ceremony highlighted live talks from Shawntel Nieto of BMB Solutions, Gia Santos of HeartSmart, and Team Agriviz of E-Magsasaka. They are innovators-turned-entrepreneurs who shared their journeys of transforming their researches into businesses to inspire the participating students.  

“We invest in our young scientists because we see their potential in creating a resonating impact to our community,” said Maricris San Diego, Executive Director of BPI Foundation. “Through the BPI-DOST Science Awards, we hope to give them a head start in turning their researches into viable and replicable businesses which, in the bigger picture, can ultimately contribute in our development as a sustainable country.”

BPI SHAPE helps K-12 graduating students find internship opportunities
BPI Foundation, in partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd), Taguig City Government, and consultancy social enterprise YGOAL, Inc., will hold a business and academic fair for graduating senior high school students on September 28 and 29, 2017 at the Kalayaan Hall, SM Aura Premiere, Taguig City.
September 19, 2017

This is part of the BPI Senior High School Acceleration Program for Employment and Entrepreneurship (SHAPE), one of BPI’s Foundation’s core programs, which aims to help the students be employable, entrepreneurial, and college-ready.  

The first BPI SHAPE business and academic fair will jumpstart the senior high school students’ career growth by connecting them to companies for internship opportunities. Based on their educational tracks, the students can apply to a line-up of industry partners for work immersion, so they can earn skills that will help make them more employable. BPI’s industry partners include Collabera, Incuventure, Integrated Micro Electronics and Universal Robina Corporation.  

Sessions on entrepreneurship, employability skills, and college education will also be featured in the event, spearheaded by training partners such as Globe Telecom, Jobstreet, and EdukasyonPH. Students can register online through,,  

The business and academic fair will also be held on Alaminos and Siniloan, Laguna in October.   Now on its second year, BPI SHAPE continues to strengthen student empowerment towards entrepreneurship, financial management, and personal development. Since its return last July, the program has assisted the government in developing industry-relevant education modules for senior high school and organized training workshops which benefited 150 teachers and 2,000 students. The three business and academic fairs are expected to help out over 6,000 senior high school students for internship.

Core Program
BPI Sulong empowers Filipina migrant worker into becoming #GirlBoss
November 02, 2017

BPI Foundation, the social development arm of BPI, recently held the launch of the second run of BPI Sulong, a learning program on financial management and entrepreneurship skills targeting overseas Filipino workers. The event was held in Hong Kong, which has a large population of Filipina migrant workers.  

"As a leading Filipino financial institution, BPI - through the Foundation - is in a unique position to advance financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills among Filipinos, not just in the Philippines, but around the world," said Maricris San Diego, Executive Director, BPI Foundation. "Migrant workers, specifically domestic workers in Hong Kong, are one of the most financially vulnerable sectors we have identified. Given their above average salaries and desperation to improve the lives of their families, they are prey to most loan sharks both here and abroad. We started BPI Sulong to reach out to these women and empower them with the discipline, perspective, and skills to uplift themselves as individuals and their families back home. This way, they can make financially sound decisions, have open more job opportunities for themselves, and maybe even start their own ventures here in the country, where they can be together with their loved ones."  

Since it started last year, BPI Foundation has already reached 500 overseas Filipinos in Hong Kong and 150 families in the Philippines. This year, it aims to expand to reach 1060 overseas Filipinos in Hong Kong and their 250 families back in the Philippines.  

Rowena Anggaco is a domestic worker in Hong Kong who, since having graduated from BPI Sulong, has already explored her own business venture CROP Marketland Limited in her home province Kalinga, Apayao. With the financial management and entrepreneurial skills BPI Sulong has imparted to Anggaco, she is now able to handle the business while working in Hong Kong.  

"I’ve been working in Korea and Hong Kong for several years but never saved much," Anggaco confessed. “Since my participation in the financial education course, I have made more provisions in my financial management – particularly with my savings. BPI Sulong gave me and my husband more hope, financial skills, and a clearer timeline when I can go home. Now with my business plan, we can reap the benefits of our ancestral land for the Tanudan Tribe.”  

Anggaco designed CROP Marketland Limited as the one-stop show for agricultural needs of indigenous people like training and micro-financing. She developed her business plan while completing the BPI Sulong program, which received award at the Sulong Entrepreneurship Business Plan Recital in Hong Kong.

Core Program
Financial Education and Basic Entrepreneurship for OFs and their Families

When our citizens seek to work overseas, the Overseas Filipinos (OFs)do not just provide better lives for their families, but also contribute USD 23 Billion (2013)  to sustain the growth of our Philippine economy through their remittances. The OF is indeed the “Bagong Bayani” (New Hero).   In partnership with the Alalay sa Kaunlaran (ASKI), BPI Foundation promotes capacity building through the “Financial Education for OFs and their Families”, a program which advocates and promotes financial education and teaches basic entrepreneurship. The program gives the migrant workers and their families, the tools and knowledge that will enable them to manage their finances and intelligently “make their money work for them” to Make the Best Happen.

Art education strengthened by Herencia Lectures
May 04, 2015
Philippine history has long been brushed and sketched by artists to ensure the stories of our ancestors live on. These stories that live within paintings, images and creative installations are our only windows to the vibrancy of our past.

Sharing nearly two centuries of this history, The Bank of the Philippine Islands has accrued throughout the years an amazing art collection of varied artists both old and new that tell tales of culture and heritage.  

To share this vast collection with the public, the BPI Foundation published “Herencia: A Legacy of Art and Progress” in 2008, a 360-page coffee table book on Philippine art history containing in-depth reviews of nearly 1,000 important works of art.  

The guidebook “Appreciating Art through the BPI Art Collection: A Teacher's Guide” accompanies the volume, wherein copies were donated to BPI Foundation's partner universities and schools to promote art history to Filipino students.

To address the lack of training programs for public school art teachers, a series of Herencia Lectures have also been organized in collaboration with the Filipinas Heritage Library with the aim to train teachers on art appreciation, education and even, critiquing.    

“The Herencia Art Workshop helped me reawaken my interest in painting. I learned many things which can be helpful to my students,” said Khino Pollan, a teacher at Pavia National HS in Iloilo during the latest installment of the Herencia lectures last May 4-6, 2015.  


Held at the Museo Iloilo, the workshop was facilitated by three experts in art.

Malou Roque discussed Principles and Elements of Art, Foundations of Drawing, Media and Materials, Model Development, and Scribbling/Shading studies. These topics may be used as guide for the teachers in providing instructional materials for their students.

Dr. Reuben Canete talked about the color theory, composition and perspective which included a session on still life painting.

Lastly, art critic Cid Reyes presented a panorama of Philippine art from the 1800s to contemporary times and delivered an introduction to art criticism, leading them to a better appreciation of different art styles and movements. Reyes concluded with a course on crafting effective lesson plans for teaching art.  

Now on its eighth run, the Herencia Lectures has trained over 200 teachers across the nation to appreciate and teach art with new tools, new perspective and newfound love.

Core Program
BPI-DOST Science Awards

Much has been said about the “Millennials”—this young, energetic, and assertive generation that is now emerging from our universities and workforces, challenging our status quo and slowly but surely changing the face of society. The youth are the future of our nation and economic progress lies largely on the ability of the nation to  produce excellent  scientific research and innovate.  

The BPI Foundation founded the BPI Science Awards program in 1989 and expanded the recognition program in 2005 in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology to create the BPI-DOST Science Awards.  The BPI-DOST Science Awards is  a , a program that encourages young aspiring scientists and researchers to strive for excellence in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering, computer science and biology. In its more than two decades of existence, the BPI-DOST Science Awards has recognized over 840 young talents from 13 universities in Philippines.

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