We believe ENTREPRENEURSHIP empowers the country’s poorest to take control of their future.

Millions of Filipinos live on less than P13.00 a day. Many work overseas or start a small business to provide for their families.  

To help them on their journey towards a better life, we equip the ultra-poor, the overseas workers and their families, and the micro-small business owners with essential skills to start, scale, and sustain an enterprise.  

And our return on investment? Knowing that for every entrepreneur we mentor, a community gains jobs, grows in dignity, and gathers the momentum to rise out of poverty.  

Core Program
BPI Sinag returns for Year 5, call for applications announced
(L-R): Start-up Village Director Carlo Calimon, BPI Direct BanKo Regional Area Manager Carlo Ragaza, Villgro Philippines CEO Priya Thachadi, BPI Foundation Executive Director Maricris San Diego, Business Banking VP Jessymel Cruz, Globe Citizenship Team Head Miguel Bermundo, and Bayan Academy for Social Entrepreneurship and Human Resources Executive Director Philip Felipe at the launch of BPI Sinag Year 5.

BPI Foundation, the social innovation arm of the Bank of the Philippine Islands, is once again on the look-out for ten of the country’s most promising social enterprises as it announces the launch of BPI Sinag Year 5.  

“BPI Sinag returns on its fifth year to champion more Filipino social entrepreneurs through an enhanced incubation program that integrates updated modules in business and technology,’’ said Maricris San Diego, BPI Foundation Executive Director. “ This will allow us to empower our social enterprise to leverage the latest digital tools and platforms today to further scale up their impact on communities.” 

To reach more social enterprises around the country, BPI Sinag will hold roadshows in Davao, Iloilo, Pampanga, and Laguna. At these roadshows, social entrepreneurs can present a 7-minute business pitch to fast-track their entries and be shortlisted as one of the top 40 who will participate in bootcamps, which will include trainings on business strategy and planning, marketing, operations, finance, organization & HR development, and social innovation, among others. 

BPI President Cezar "Bong" Consing officially opens BPI Sinag Year 5

On its fifth year, BPI Foundation will continue its partnerships with social impact organizations such as Bayan Academy for Social Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Development, Villgro Philippines, and Start-Up Village, as well as internal bank business units such as BPI Business Banking and BPI BanKO.  

Starting this year, BPI Foundation will also launch a partnership with Globe Telecom, who will support both the bootcamps and the awards.  

BPI Foundation Executive Director Maricris San Diego shares the exciting things in store for BPI Sinag Year 5

Ten social enterprises who are best able to showcase their business viability and social impact will be named  as awardees  of BPI Sinag, with the top one to five receiving Php 500,000 and top six to ten accepting Php 100,000 cash grants. Other awards to be expected are Online People’s Choice Awards with Php 20,000 cash grant from BPI Business Banking, Most Viable Social Enterprise Development Plan Award with Php 50,000 cash grant from BPI Business Banking, Negosyo Ko Award with Php 20,000 cash grant from BPI BanKo, and Tech for Good Award with Php 100,000 worth of Globe services from Globe Telecom. Mentorship opportunities will also be given to two social enterprises by Start-up Village. 

BPI Foundation Exectuive Director Maricris San Diego, BPI Foundation Associate Director Tessa Calalang and BPI Foundation Program Manager Sarah Alli with BPI Sinag social entrepreneurs

Assisting over 150 social entrepreneurs since its launch in 2015, BPI Sinag also offers a supportive network of social entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals. In line with this, BPI Sinag Year 5 is set to launch the BPI Sinag book , titled: “Technology, Social and Market Innovations in Social Enterprises: The BPI Sinag Accelerate Initiative”, which is authored by no less than the guru in  social entrepreneurship in the Philippines – Dr. Eduardo Morato Jr., and will feature 15 case studies aimed at sharing tools and framework for other social enterprises.  

BPI Sinag is open to social entrepreneurs who are 18 years old and above and have been operating their social enterprises for at least two years. Interested applicants can visit www.sinag.bpifoundation.orgto download the application form and submit the accomplished form to info.bpisinag@gmail.com. Deadline for entries is on May 27, 2019

Core Program
Transforming SMEs to be Sustainable Entrepreneurs
Our 2018 Entrepreneurship Programs in Review

Entrepreneurs have gained strong support from the Bank. From the social entrepreneurs, to the small and medium ones. BPI has streamlined its processes and products to better serve the needs of these growing businessmen.  

For social entrepreneurs, BPI Foundation is building an ecosystem for social entrepreneurship in the Philippines through BPI Sinag. More than just being a competition, BPI Sinag works with different partners in the government, non-profit and private organizations to foster a thriving ecosystem for social enterprises. Part of the program is to provide grants, and boot camps in business management, finance and marketing. The program also connects the entrepreneurs to investors, the academe and other like-minded partners to increase opportunities of sustainably growing their businesses. In 2018, BPI Sinag has linked 37 social enterprises to mentors and investors. BPI Sinag also focused on working with social enterprises in the fields of health, education, energy and the environment, as these businesses have the potential to create more impact and address social problems.  

Prior to the selection of 37 social enterprises which underwent the bootcamp sessions, BPI Sinag employed a 7-city roadshow across the country, which involved learning sessions with a total of 120 entrepreneurs.  

As continuing monitoring and mentoring of previous BPI Sinag cohorts, the program introduced alumni learning sessions for 47 social enterprises from BPI Sinag years 2015-2017 participated in.  

Furthermore, Show Me, Teach Me (SMTM), in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry’s Philippine Trade Training Center (DTI-PTTC), provided training and workshops to bigger cohorts in 10 cities across the Philippines.  

By strengthening its partnership with DTI-PTTC, the program was able to expand its reach and cover more provinces across the country, growing its beneficiary reach by 70% in 2018. From a total of 941 participants in 2017, the program has provided basic business recording, food packaging and labeling design, and non-food product enhancement and assessment modules to 1,596 MSMEs in 2018. The program also introduced green business modules to encourage MSMEs to integrate more sustainable ways of operating their businesses.  

The program has also actively engaged with BPI BanKo to connect MSMEs to financial products that will help them grow their businesses. In 2018, the growth rate of BPI BanKo loan availment of SMTM participants increased by 200% from 2017, closing 12 loans in 2018, reaching a total of 19 loans to date.  

Also in 2018, the BPI Tech-Voc Program was launched to capacitate both MSMEs and low-income earners in optimizing their productivity through training programs that combine valuable technical-vocational skills with entrepreneurial and management skills. Seven (7) communities in Sorsogon, Negros Occidental, Batangas, Pampanga and Western Samar were selected and provided with skills development modules in cookery, food and beverage, events management, reef guide training and living traditions. The selected communities are either among the 20 poorest provinces in the Philippines or included members of minority groups.

A total of 377 community members were able to learn and apply new tech-voc skills through the program. This was done by working closely with the Regional and Provincial offices of both TESDA and DTI, Bayan Academy, and other private organizations

BPI is recognized as Top CSR Advocate in Asia by ACES Awards 2018
BPI Foundation Executive Director Maricris San Diego and BPI Corporate Affairs and Communications Head Owen Cammayo represent BPI as they received the Top CSR Advocate in Asia Award at the ACES 2018 Awards on October 11, 2018 at Fairmont Hotel Singapore
BPI is recognized as the Top CSR Advocate in Asia by the ACES Awards 2018

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) was recognized as the Top CSR Advocate in Asia by the Asia Corporate Excecllence and Sustainability (ACES) Awards last October 11, 2018 at Fairmont Hotel Singapore.

BPI, the first and oldest private bank in the country and Southeast Asia, has always placed great value in contributing to the economic development in the country,  and has always felt a strong belief in nation building. More than being a financial institution, BPI has pursued a strategy aimed at balanced growth for all stakeholders: from shareholders, customers, and employees, to partners and communities.

Over the past 40 years, BPI, through its corporate social responsibility arm, BPI Foundation, has been a solid partner in nation building to many institutions and a catalyst of social innovations for development.

BPI Foundation’s primary goal is to improve the lives of Filipinos through its core pillars, namely, Financial Education, Entrepreneurial Development, Sustainable Environment, and Employee Engagement. These core pillars are geared towards sustainable economic development goals that are based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These support the national development agenda and help improve the lives of marginalized sectors. Each of the bank’s CSR initiatives build on an integrated ecosystem that aims to change how people become financially healthy.

BPI Foundation’s social entrepreneurship programmes are designed to identify and train social entrepreneurs, mainly micro, small, medium entrepreneurs (MSMEs) to accelerate their businesses. BPI Foundation collaborates with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to reach the MSME community, and offer training programmes to help these entrepreneurs enhance their products and business operations. In 2017, 949 micro entrepreneurs and 56 social entrepreneurs from various industries received skills training in food, handicraft, fashion, ecotourism, and arts and culture across the country.

To promote financial inclusion and financial security in the communities, BPI Foundation's financial education programmes reach out to various segments to educate them in personal financial management. The Foundation has partnered with YGOAL Inc. for financial education for the youth. In 2017, BPI’s financial education programme helped over 97,378 grade school and senior high school students from public schools, 6,328 teachers, and 1,060 migrant workers in Hong Kong and 250 families in making better financial decisions and practices.

BPI Foundation ensures that while these programmes drive economic growth, these innovations are driven not just by financial wellness, but also by environmental sustainability and stewardship. As of 2017, the Foundation partnered with WWF Philippines, MUAD Negros and Hinebalan Foundation to help 15 agrarian reform cooperatives and 20 indigenous families/farmers in implementing good farming practices and sustainable agriculture.

The culture of nation-building is evident in BPI's various volunteer projects and drives that unibankers have supported throughout the decades. Almost half of our workforce has helped in education, environment and entrepreneurship building initiatives, magnifying and supporting BPI and BPI Foundation’s mission. In 2017, over 10,800 employees of BPI's workforce contributed personal time for community projects through BPI BAYAN. As of last year, the BPI Social Immersion Lab (SoIL) had a total of 31 BPI officers assisting farmer cooperatives in different locations in the areas of financial planning, business development, and crop-related financing. These extensive programmes over the years have empowered communities to create prosperity for themselves and extend equal access to opportunities.

Core Program
BPI Sinag returns to accelerate more Filipino social enterprises
BPI Sinag Year 4 scales-up to celebrate BPI Foundation’s 40th anniversary
The Top 40 social entrepreneur finalists at the first Sinag boot camp

BPI Foundation, the social innovation arm of the Bank of the Philippine Islands, has announced the launch of the 4th year of BPI Sinag, its flagship program that accelerates social enterprises, or businesses creating products and services that aim to make a social impact in a sustainable manner, targeting the triple bottom-line of people, planet, and profit.    

To mark BPI Foundation’s 40th anniversary, BPI Sinag 2018 shines brighter as it reaches out to new social enterprises, launches new opportunities, enlists new partners, and moves to strengthen the social enterprise ecosystem in the country.   “Social enterprises are businesses with hearts for communities and the environment.” said Maricris San Diego, BPI Foundation Executive Director. “They drive inclusive growth by approaching social problems with a business approach, helping ensure their sustainability. By helping them accelerate through BPI Sinag, they can get a better chance to be competitive businesses and impactful community-builders.”  

New social enterprises   This year, BPI Sinag aims to deepen its impact and reach out most especially to social enterprises in the agribusiness, healthcare, energy, and education sectors.   “These are priority sectors that we have identified as having the most potential to make a great impact in our country today,” said San Diego. “Our challenge for these social enterprises is to move beyond simply alleviating poverty and into creating wealth for Filipinos.”   To reach out to more social enterprises nationwide, BPI Foundation conducted road shows from April 4 to 13 in the following cities: Cebu, Iloilo, Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Baguio, and Pampanga.  

More opportunities   New this year is the “fast track opportunity” where participants in these roadshows presented their business proposals for their social enterprises in a 7-minute elevator pitch, securing for them automatic inclusion in the BPI Sinag Top 40. Based on their performance, social enterprises will be shortlisted as Top 40, then Top 20 finalists, until BPI Foundation finds its Top 10 awardees for 2018. Five of these will receive Php 100,000 each, while the top 5 will get Php 500,000 each. They will also receive cash grants and continued mentorship to set themselves up for success. Just like last year, BPI Foundation will continue to offer special access to market for these SEs by inviting them to events such as the annual BPI Sinag ng Pasko, where they can offer their products and services directly to consumers in time for the holiday season.      

New partners   Partnering with BPI Foundation for BPI Sinag 2018 are BPI Business Banking and BPI BanKo, Bayan Academy for Social Entrepreneurship and Human Resources Development (BAYAN Academy), a social development organization that will spearhead the business workshops, Villgro Philippines, a social enterprise incubator which will help design and implement the BPI Sinag road shows, and business accelerator StartUp Village.  

A social enterprise ecosystem   Since its launch last 2015, BPI Sinag has been able to reach out and assist 138 social enterprises nationwide.  BPI Foundation is reaching out to all of them in its first BPI Sinag Alumni Reunion. The event will be an avenue where all social entrepreneurs who participated in BPI Sinag years 1-3 can meet again after their time in the business challenge and share updates on their journey after finishing the program.  

Event Announcement
BPI Foundation celebrates 40th Anniversary
May 07, 2018
(L-R): BPI EVP Simon Paterno, BPI EVP Antonio Paner, Msgr. Jose Clemente Ignacio (Vicar General and Moderator Curiae of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila), BPI President Bong Consing, BPI Foundation Executive Director Maricris San Diego, BPI Foundation Associate Director Tessa Calalang, BPI EVP Ramon Jocson, Dr. Bernardo Villegas (UA&P Director of Center for Research and Communications), Dennis Montecillo (Internatonal Care Ministries Board Member), Fred Ayala (Ayala Education CEO)

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Foundation started in 1978, but the past three years have been a time of transformation. From pure philanthropy and capital allocation, BPI Foundation has now evolved into a social innovation platform, where we innovate, incubate and accelerate initiatives that are purposefully directed at driving the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, the Philippine national development agenda and improving the lives of under-served sectors.

As we have become more attentive to the country's challenges, there has been a stronger desire for BPI Foundation to take an active role in addressing risks to economic reform, social cohesion and environment protection, while harnessing the core competency of BPI as the Philippines' most trusted financial partner. 

We aim to alleviate poverty through providing access to financial products and services, empowering and capacitating the unbanked sectors, and building strong and strategic partnerships. We impel financial inclusion through financial education, enterprise development, and sustainable rural development. Each of our initiatives builds on a tapestry of possibilities, an integrated ecosystem that changes how people become financially healthy, how micro-small entrepreneurs grow their businesses, and how small-holder farmers build scale and sustainability in agriculture. 

BPI Foundation weaves business and community together by creating value both in BPI and in its partner stakeholders. The Foundation gives the Bank the opportunity to create new business models, markets, products and solutions that are more responsive and more relevant to segments and areas which BPI does not normally engage.  

This May 2018, as we celebrate BPI Foundation’s 40 years, we are more intent in empowering Filipinos to gain equal access to opportunities and resources to create prosperity for themselves. We will be scaling up our efforts and widening the reach of our program’s impact. This milestone is an opportunity to tell our story to a wider audience, and engage with more like-minded partners who we can potentially work with in implementing our programs. 

BPI Sinag Awards Top 5 Social Enterprises
Karaw Craftventures wins grand award
October 06, 2015
BPI Foundation, in collaboration with the Ateneo Center for Social Entrepreneurship (ACSENT) and BPI Family Ka-Negosyo, awarded young social entrepreneurs at the first ever BPI Sinag Pitch Day at the Alpha Tents in Makati City.
The grand awardees of BPI Sinag, Paul Andrew Orpiada and Leciel Ramos of Karaw Craftventures, a social enterprise and design hub that upcycles scrap material into novelty
gifts and lifestyle products. The Ragpet Project is the flagship brand that helps in the
rehabilitation of women inmates in Naga City District Jail by providing sustainable livelihood
activities and introducing an in-prison skills development program for poverty and crime

BPI Sinag is a business plan competition aimed at empowering young Filipino entrepreneurs with a social mission. Over 150 entries from around the Philippines were submitted to BPI Foundation, 40 of which were chosen to go through a Social Entrepreneurship Boot Camp and the best 10 going on to participate at the BPI Sinag Pitch Day.  

“We knew that we wanted to tap and empower millennials—this young and energetic generation of idealists, doers, and changemakers, whose purpose is just as important as profit. The youth see all kinds of connections and possibilities and are filled to the brim with ideas on how to make the world a better place. Let’s make the most of the BPI Sinag experience and use it as a platform for dreams of a better Philippines to actually happen,” said Fidelina Corcuera, Executive Director, BPI Foundation.  

During the event, 10 finalists were given a chance to pitch their social enterprise business plans to a panel of judges consisting of Jim Ayala, social entrepreneur and founder of Hybrid Social Solutions Inc.; Josiah Go, Chairman and Chief Marketing Strategist of Mansmith and Fielders Inc.; Chit Juan, Founder of ECHOStore; Ramon Lopez, Go Negosyo Executive Director; Injap Sia, property developer and founder of Mang Inasal; and Mark Yu, CFO of SEAOIL Philippines.

The top 10 finalists of BPI Sinag,a project of the BPI Foundation in collaboration with the Ateneo Center for Social Entrepreneurship and BPI Family Ka-Negosyo that aims to discover, capacitate, recognize and support young social entrepreneurs, (L-R) Mon Abrea, Chief Strategy Officer, ACG; Fidelina Corcuera, Executive Director, BPI Foundation; Allister Roy Chua and Janina Mikaella Chiong of Habi Footwear; Asa Feinstein of CocoAsenso; Alvin Kingson Tan of Siglo; Dr. Winston Fopalan of Micromedics; Kevin Philip Gayao of AGMULA; Fabien Courteille of Plush and Play; Herxilia Protacio and Ron Dizon of Bayani Brew; Catherine Patacsil and Tajen Sui of First Harvest; Leciel Ramos of Karaw Craftventures; Jaime Agusto Zobel de Ayala,Chairman and CEO of Ayala Corporation; Ryan Gersava of Virtualahan; Paul Andrew Orpiada of Karaw Craftventures; Cezar P. Consing, BPI President; and Atty. Jaime Hofileña, VP for Social Development, Ateneo de Manila University.

The social entrepreneurs’ business plans were judged based on the following criteria: 20%, social impact and business model; 20%, market strategy and competitive analysis; 20, design and development plan; 20%, financial plan; 10%, management and organizational plan; and 10%, pitch presentation and summary of overall business plan.  

Each of the top five finalists was awarded P200,000, a six-month mentorship, and access to the Ateneo Business Incubation Center. On top of this prize, the grand awardee also received P300,000. All the awardees will also be given access to financing options such as crowdfunding, debt and equity and venture philanthropy.

The grand awardee also received a credit line of up to P500,000 from BPI Family Ka-Negosyo while a credit line of up to P200,000 was also given to the other four awardees.  

The top five awardees were Herxilia Protacia and Ron Dizon of Bayani Brew, Asa Feinstein of CocoAsenso, Fabien Courteille of Plush and Play, Alvin Kingston Tan of Siglo, and grand awardees Paul Andrew Orpiada and Leciel Ramos of Karaw Craftventures.

Moreover, BPI Family Ka-Negosyo granted each top five awardee P100,000 worth of advertising mileage via Facebook promoted posts and a Ka-Negoyso credit line of up to P300,000. A People’s Choice Award worth P20,000 for the finalist with the most number of “likes” on Facebook was awarded to Herxilia Protacia and Ron Dizon of Bayani Brew  

The finalists who participated during the BPI Sinag pitch day are Kevin Philip Gayao of Agritech Mutual Laboratories (AGMULA); Herxilia Protacio and Ron Dizon of Bayani Brew Inc.; Asa Feinstein of CocoAsenso;  Catherine Patacsil and Tajen Sui of First Harvest; Janine Mikaella Chiong and Allister Roy Chua of Habi Footwear Fabien Courteille; Paul Andrew Orpiada and Leciel Ramos of Karaw Craftventures; Winston Fopalan, M.D. of MicroMedics; Fabien Courteille of Plush & Play; Alvin Kingson Tan of Siglo; and Ryan Gersava of Virtualahan. The finalists come from various industries such as manufacturing and production, IT and business process outsourcing, health and wellness, and retail and trade.

BPI recognizes that social enterprises are one of the sustainable ways to engage and uplift those at the bottom of the pyramid, allowing for inclusive growth. It is the goal of BPI Sinag to encourage members of the private sector to participate in the development of social enterprises as a way to create jobs and provide basic services for those in the country that need it most.   Open to individuals aged 18-35 years old, BPI Sinag was designed for the youth whose mindset is ideal for social entrepreneurship. 

“This is not the last investment we will make in them [the youth], we wish for them to succeed so we can invest in them more,” said BPI President and CEO Cezar P. Consing to the grantees.
"All of us in the private sector have a role in creating supportive environments that allow entrepreneurs to be creative, to take risks and to try to change the business environment for the better," said Chairman and CEO of Ayala Corporation Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala.

The BPI Sinag Pitch Day also included a discussion on how the public and private sector can enable the youth in inclusive social development. The discussion panel included Chairman and CEO of Ayala Corporation Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, President and CEO of RFM Corporation Joey Concepcion, Professor of Economics and head of the USAID Trade-Related Assistance for Development (TRADE) Project Dr. Cielito Habito, DTI Undersecretary Zeny Maglaya and founder and CEO of AVA Online Group Oliver Segovia.  

For more information on the 10 finalists and to learn more about BPI Sinag and its mission to discover, develop, and support young social entrepreneurs, visit http://sinag.bpifoundation.org/. Join the discussion and add BPI Sinag on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bpisinag and Twitter http://twitter.com/bpisinag.

‘Show Me, Teach Me’ program boosts entreps from Bukidnon
July 30, 2015
“As a designer, I need fresh ideas on how to further improve my skills and be globally competitive. That’s why this workshop was so relevant to me,” expressed Leonida Abendano, a designer of tribal dolls from Malaybalay.
A participant shows off her art work made of clay.

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) are seen as major economic growth drivers.

However in the Philippines, many entrepreneurs like Leonida still lack exposure and knowledge on basic business tools, such as business planning, market research, product design and operations mapping.

Recognizing this gap, the BPI Foundation, in collaboration with DTI’s PTTC – Philippine Trade Training Center launched the “Show Me, Teach Me, MSME” program in 2010 to help empower MSMEs from all over the country.  

The entrepreneurial learning sessions taught basic business skills for the first 5 years, with 2015 as its upgrade point. In line with the ASEAN Integration, the program is now capacitating MSMEs with workshops focusing on Food Packaging Labelling & Design and Product Design Enhancement & Assessment for Non-food Products – the weak points of our products in the regional market.

Participants hang their patterned art works on the wall.

Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, was the venue for the latest “Show Me, Teach Me” workshop this year, held last July 30-31, 2015 -- training over 80 entrepreneurs from both food and non-food sectors.

At the workshop, BPI Foundation Executive Director Faye Corcuera, stressed: “As entrepreneurs, it is not enough to do business, we have to look at business with a purpose. In your respective businesses for instance, make sure you engage in sustainable practices.”
The occasion was also graced by DTI’s Provincial Director Ermedio Abang, who encouraged the participants to “take advantage of this good opportunity to learn from the trainers on the concept and implementation of design since this is what would make them globally competitive.”

Respected designers Raynor Zuleta and Rey Soliven facilitated the workshop by discussing trends in design and the importance of branding and packaging.They also assessed and critiqued the products that the entrepreneurs brought to enable them to re-imagine how to upscale.

Since 2010, the program has trained over 1,800 entrepreneurs across 36 cities. It will run in six other cities later this year – Antique, Antipolo, Victoria City, Laguna, General Santos, Zambales and Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija – in the hopes of reaching and empowering more budding entrepreneurs.

Core Program
Building Partnerships with Indigenous Communities via Social Enterprise Development

In 2013, the foundation partnered with Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF), an NGO that focuses on developing business solutions and investments for Social Enterprise Development that help rural households earn more by utilizing proven social enterprise models. The partnership involved an eco-tourism project in Barangay Sinuda, Kitao-tao, Bukidnon.

Activities included the launch of the eco-tourism plan – which created jobs via handicraft-making, tours and park supervision for 197 households in Barangay Kipilas – training in project planning of 56 datus of the Federation of Matigsalog Manobo Tribes, financial planning for the 17 local staff members, and the selection of a 300-hectare communal site for a cacao and coffee plantation with 1,517 households as potential beneficiaries. For 2014-2015, 850 farmers of cassava, cacao and rice will be supported.
Core Program
Show Me, Teach Me, MSME – Empowering Entrepreneurs

The BPI Foundation promotes the empowerment of micro, small and medium businesses.  In partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) training arm,  and the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) , the Foundation provides  free entrepreneurship development course called “Show Me, Teach Me, MSME” – Empowering Entrepreneurs.  These  series of training programs are held in select, key cities across the country.

The program includes four business development modules: "Starting and Maintaining a Business", "Finding the Right Market", "Basic Product Costing and Pricing" and "Basic Business Recording" – all meant to equip small entrepreneurs with information on how to create, build and maintain a business. In anticipation of ASEAN 2015, and to enhance the competitiveness of our local products, BPI Foundation included topics on “Food Packaging and Labeling Design for the Food Sector” and “Product Design Enhancement and Assessment for Non-food Sector”.

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