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BPI started the banking industry in the country, which gives the bank the privileged position and responsibility to preserve history. BPI, through the foundation, has built museums and libraries in key cities to house relics and memorabilia that go back to the Spanish colonial era.

IMAGES OF NATION: National Artists in the BPI Art Collection is Now Open!
BPI account holders can avail of a 20% discount in museum admission fees.
February 22, 2019

BPI Foundation and Ayala Museum celebrate Filipino artistry this National Arts Month with the launch of the ‘BPI: Images of Nation’ exhibit, which will showcase all-National Artist pieces from the Bank of the Philippine Islands’ (BPI) private art collection. The exhibit runs from February 12 to May 19, 2019, at the third-floor galleries of Ayala Museum.  

Fourteen of the 17 national artists are featured in the 45-pieced exhibit. The list includes Fernando Amorsolo, Carlos “Botong” Francisco, Napoleon Abueva, Victorio Edades, Vicente Manansala, Cesar Legaspi, Hernando Ocampo, Arturo Luz, J. Elizalde Navarro, Ang Kiukok, Jose Joya, Benedicto “BenCab” Cabrera, Abdulmari Asia Imao, and Federico Aguilar.   BPI Foundation’s third art exhibit is curated by Ayala Museum’s senior curator and conservation head, Ken Esguerra. The masterpieces are arranged to inspire thriving Filipino artists by identifying and idealizing the states and stages of Philippine nation as portrayed by the country’s National Artists.  

BPI account holders can avail of a 20% discount in museum admission fees. Just present your ATM or credit card upon entry.

HISTORIA: Stories of Art, The BPI Collection is Now Open!
BPI account holders can avail of a 20% discount in museum admission fees.
HISTORIA is open from June 19 to August 12, 2018 at the Ground Floor Gallery of Ayala Museum

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), the first and oldest private bank in the country, has made its mark as a corporate art patron, as well as a financial institution. BPI and the BPI Foundation acquired over 900 works of art through acquisitions and 10 bank mergers.

The BPI collection has the distinguished inclusion of paintings by 19th-century master Juan Luna and first Filipino National Artist Fernando Amorsolo, along with leading artists in 20th-century art. The selection of works shows how the themes of harmony, abundance, and resiliency abound in works depicting the values and dreams of the Filipino—family, community, tradition, and home. These works of art allow us to experience the story of the Filipino—our life and perspectives throughout the years.

BPI account holders can avail of a 20% discount in museum admission fees. Just present your ATM or credit card upon entry.

BPI Library Infanta

The BPI libary at Infanta, Quezon, is a joint undertaking of the BPI Foundation, Filipinas Heritage Library of Ayala Foundation, Inc., and the town’s local government. Located on the 4th floor of the municipal building’s Annex A, the library provides resource materials, facilities and library services, especially to the youth. The foundation and its partners want to actively promote reading, literacy, and other educational values to students and residents, as well as make the library a hub for knowledge and information. The foundation provided the seed money through the Doña Isabel Garcia Trust Fund for the purchase of 500 new books and other library materials, a personal computer, book shelves and stands, as well as payment for other pre-operating expenses.

The Awesome Lab at the Mind Museum

BPI believes in harnessing the power of young minds by firing up their imagination. The BPI Foundation is the lone sponsor of The Awesome Lab at the Mind Museum – the first world-class science museum in the Philippines. The lab, which stands within a 12,500 square-meter lot at the Bonifacio Global City, is the center for experiments in physics, chemistry, biology and earth sciences. The Mind Museum is a project initiated by the Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc. (BAFI), a nonstock, nonprofit organization supported by property owners in Bonifacio Global City.

BPI Museum Zamboanga

As part of the historic branch’s opening in August 17, 2012, the foundation unveiled the lifestyle museum on the second floor to celebrate the Zamboanga office’s centennial celebration. The museum takes people back to the beginning of the 20th century and depicts the life and culture of Zamboangueños at the end of the Spanish colonial period, and the beginning of the American period. Antique furniture, vintage photographs, and an exhibit are found all throughout the six rooms and grand sala. There is an array of material on BPI history and the Zamboanga branch’s history as well.

BPI Museum Cebu

The bank opened its first museum in Cebu City at BPI’s main office in the area. The branch itself is a cultural landmark – it is the third BPI office in the country, after Iloilo and Zamboanga. Through the creation of this museum, the foundation highlights BPI’s contribution to the banking industry. Among the many priceless items on display are banknotes issued by BPI on May 1, 1852 – the very first to be released not only in the country but throughout Southeast Asia – gold coins that began circulation in 1861, coins issued during the reign of King Ferdinand VII, banknotes of 1904, and a handwritten leather-bound bank journal from 1855. A gallery space is likewise provided to showcase the artworks of Cebuano artists.

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IMAGES OF NATION: National Artists in the BPI Art Collection is Now Open!
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